Books About Selling

Your professional library of books about selling is not complete without additional tools. Become well rounded in all aspects of your career.

Too many salespeople focuse their learning only on those areas they feel are 'directly' related to sales such as closing techniques, sales presentation techniques, etc. What they neglect are those intangible areas of salesmanship that create the true superstars of sales.

Have you recently read a book or magazine article on dressing for success? How about something relating to speaking or motivation? These areas are the intangibles I am talking about. Be sure to include the following subjects:

  • Motivation
  • Speech Mastery
  • Public Speaking
  • Famous Business Quotes
  • Your Product
  • Organizational Skills
  • Goal Setting
Your desire coupled with knowledge is the fuel of selling success.

Perhaps you are new to sales or your current position. If that is the case money may be an issue for you. If so, utilize your public library system and its collection of books about sales, sales training and public speaking. There are thousands of books written about motivation, huge collections of famous quotes and lots of volumes about organizational skills.

If you look in the library's collection of periodicals and magazines you can find publications targeted to the sales professional.

The resource you are presently using, the internet, has millions of web pages directed at the skills you will need to become a better salesperson. Many of them are readily accessible at no charge.

One final note about your personal library. It should always include a notebook that will allow you to write down things you see, read and hear that can become an integral part of your success.

Whichever method you choose to enlarge your wealth of information and knowledge I encourage you to begin immediately and make a habit of continual self improvement.

Books about selling are just the start.

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