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Automobile Sales Training

For Salespeople and Sales Managers
The Road to a Sale
Working with the sales desk
How to clear up the dealer invoice mystery

Sales Managers

Your Role as a Sales Manager
Effective Sales Leadership
Hiring the Right People
Writing Employment Ads
Management Checklist
Training Never Stops
Learn to Train
Sales Meetings
Training Meetings
Stop Fixing the Problem
Learn from the Numbers
What Management Style are you?
Why don't they "Get It"?
Use a Mentoring system
Share a Management Tip
They're Not Robots
Employee Discipline and Termination


Common Selling Errors
Common Success Traits
The Professional
Control the High Seas
I'm Stuck in Neutral
The Road to the Sale
54 Seconds that might Change Your Life
Find a Dream Career
Daily Activity
World Class Presentation gets World Class Results
FFB What is It?
How to get the Facts
Handling Objections
Can You Hear Body Language
Personalized Newsletters
Get Relaxed
Lessons from Football
These numbers are scary
Share a Success Story
5 Decisions Customers Make before they Buy
Feature-Function-Benefit Selling

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