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What is It ? What Does it Do? Why Should I Have It ?

What sales training information would be complete without telling you about this powerful tool? The heading above is about the most clinical definition of Feature-Function-Benefit selling I have found. Let's refer to it as FFB shall we? Mastering Selling isn't easy. Using FFB during your product presentation will insure you include the most important features you learned in Step 2 as they relate to your customer.

What Exactly does that Mean?

It means that you know what is important to your customer. You know how your product will work for them. Now it is simply a matter of presenting the product. Part of your sales training, remember Step 4 ? dealt with sharing your knowledge with enthusiasm. Imagine the impact when you use FFB each step of the way.

Make FFB the Foundation of Your Presentation

Its simple to ask what is it, what does it do and why should I have it. Learning to think that way is another matter.

Let's use an example. Suppose you were an automobile salesperson. They are in a very competitive industry and it seems like there is a dealership on every corner. They all have the same basic product to sell. It has glass, wheels, an engine, etc. Now suppose you were shopping for a new car.You are dealing with a person who has gone through extensive sales training. The salesperson says to you, this car has anti-lock brakes. Not very inspiring wording, is it? The car is SUPPOSED to have anti-lock brakes.

But what if the salesperson said, "This vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock braking system. In the event of an emergency situation simply depress the brake pedal to the floor and a computer will prevent the wheels from locking and forcing you into a skid. You can maintain control and maybe even avoid a head-on collision if you slid into oncoming traffic. That is an important safety feature, wouldn't you agree?"


Same feature but look at the difference in how the product presentation was handled. I don't know about you, but after that I would never buy a car that didn't have anti-lock brakes.

Use FFB to Sell Your Product

There is no item for sale that cannot be presented in this fashion. Think about the products you sell and how easy it would be to tell everyone about them in this manner. Powerful stuff when you combine it with professional sales training and the steps required to close the deal.


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