The Common Traits of Winners

Everyone wants to know the forumla for success. What common traits are shared by people at the top? There are countless books, studies, charts and graphs that purport to give us the answers. As you well know there is only one number one in any organization. You can be that person if you have knowlege drive by desire and motivation. Let's look at what winners do?

They know What is at Stake

Having a winning attitude means you know what you have at risk. Your paycheck, your reputation and the welfare of you and your family. Part of that attitude is knowing that nothing is perfect. You are not perfect, your dealership and management team are not and sometimes the systems and processes in place aren't. Sometimes we fail. Develop an attitude about winning like this sports HALL OF FAMER

Winners Play for Keeps

Life is not a dress rehearsal. You are doing what you have chosen to do. Do not accept common. Make the most of it. Do your best at all times. Never think of your job as something you are doing until something better comes along.

They Strive for Excellence

Winners strive for excellence at everything they do. Do not accept anything less than YOUR personal best. At all times. In all places.

They Never Stop Learning

Driven people want to know everything about their chosen profession. They read constantly. They know that self improvement means bigger paydays. They ask those with a record of success for tips and encouragement.

They Never Give Up

They do not consider failure an option. It just never occurs to them. They find a way to win. They overcome obstacles. They know its going to happen, its only a matter of time. Babe Ruth is most likely the most famous of all baseball players and for many decades held the record for most home runs in a career. What few realize is for decaades he held the record for most strikeouts as well. We all, from time to time, come up short of the goal. Never giving up and continuing to reach for the prize is a winner's attitude.

They Practice Self Discipline

I am not sure this should be called a common trait. Self discipline is so uncommon. How many times have we heard, "I need to lose weight...I think tomorrow I will start to eat less", yet tomorrow never seems to come. Same thing with exercise, overcoming bad habits, prospecting, self-improvement...the list is seemingly endless. They know that yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here and today is the day. They have a game plan, do you? What is your daily plan?


Common traits are sometimes Common errors


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