Road to a Sale Steps

Use this list of the road to a sale steps as an easy to follow guide. Click on the step to learn its importance as you go from saying hello to service after the sale.

Step 1- Meet and Greet
How can something this simple mess up so many?

Step 2- Fact Finding
Get all the facts before you move ahead

Step 3- Sell From Stock
Sell what you can see, don't see what you can sell.

Step 4- World Class Walkaround
Can your customer see themselves using the car?

Step 5- Trade Evaluation
An appraisal isn't part of your job,a proper evaluation is.

Step 6- Get Seated and Relaxed
When's the last time you took inventory of your working environment?

Step 7- Trial Close
You can't close if you never opened.

Step 8- Get a Commitment
Here's where the superstars start to shine

Step 9-Negotiate
Are you selling floor mats or a car?

Step 10- Proper Turn to F&I
Who are these guys, anyway?

Step 11- Proper Delivery
Don't ruin a great experience.

Step 12- Follow up and Ask for Referrals
You want to work smarter and not harder, right?

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