Road to a Sale

The road to a sale is one of the first things taught in most automotive sales training courses. Whether your training is done in-house at the dealership or off site these are the building blocks of selling cars successfully. While the number of steps varies from teacher to teacher all contain these elements; some combine two or more of the steps. Click on a step for an in depth look.

  1. Proper Meet and Greet
  2. Fact Finding
  3. Select a Vehicle from stock
  4. World class product presentation and demonstration drive
  5. Trade in evaluation
  6. Getting seated and relaxed
  7. Trial close
  8. Write up
  9. Negotiate and close
  10. Proper turn to the business office
  11. Proper delivery
  12. Follow up after the sale

You must learn each of the steps. Each provides a stepping stone to the next. What is most important, and what most auto sales training courses forget, is the WHY of each step. There is a reason for each and if you learn the why instead of just the step you will close more sales.

The road to a sale is just one part of sales training.


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