Road to a Sale Step 4

In the road to a sale step 4 your customer finds themselves owning and using the vehicle. As you present the vehicle remember to use a feature-function-benefit sales presentation. It is here if you need to review. Your product presentation will include the features you determined during step 2, Fact Finding, that are important to your customer. Where you start your presentation has a great bearing on moving to the demonstration drive.

Begin your presentation at the front of the vehicle.
Highlight styling, impact resistant bumpers, lexan headlamp covers, etc.

Then lift the hood and present the components contained in the engine compartment. Give emphasis to customer hot buttons. Ease of owner use while checking fluid levels, a mention of horsepower and torque if appropriate, anything that is special about the engine itself such as variable valve timing, etc.When you have completed your engine compartment presentation

Move to the driver side of the vehicle at the front fender This is the time to highlight, still using good feature-function-benefit presentation methods, tires, braking systems, upgraded wheels, etc. This is also a good time to point out paint finish and protection. When you have concluded this part of the road to a sale step 4

Move to the driver door and open it.
This is the time to show, if so equipped, the power driver seat and it's functions. Do not make the mistake of waiting until you are in the vehicle. It is much easier to operate from a standing position outside the car. Just another reminder to your customer of how easy this vehicle is to operate, right? Mention the interior fabric, leather, etc. Show them how much room is provided for ease of entry and exit. DO NOT GET IN THE VEHICLE OR HAVE YOUR CUSTOMER DO SO.

When you are finished move to the rear
Here is where you can show the trunk capacity, any special features such as trailer equipment, anti-slip rear axles, etc. Styling is good to re-emphasize as well. If you are showing a truck during the road to a sale step 4 use this time to show the functionality of the bed. Two-tier loading, removable tailgate and any other feature that builds value. Upon completing your presentation at the rear of the vehicle

Move to the rear passenger door
Here is where, in almost all cases you will find the Monroney Label. This is the window sticker on the vehicle. Point out standard features and all optional equipment. Fuel economy, on vehicles under 8600 GVW, are also listed here. Open the rear door and demonstrate how the child safety locks operate. If the vehicle has a built in entertainment center this is the time to show it. When you are satisifed you have left nothing out it is time to

Move to the front passenger door and open it.
Before you ask your customer get in show the power seat from outside the vehicle. Give your customer a bird's eye view of the interior styling. Show any other special equipment. Now it is time to tell your customer to sit in the vehicle.
I told you at the beginning of the road to a sale step 4 where you start your presentation has a great bearing on transitioning to the demo drive.
Help the other family members in and then go to the driver door and get in. Don't forget the weather. Start the vehicle and make certain you adjust the temperature to one that is comfortable. You are going to use some time showing the operating controls. Show your customer how easy they are to use. Highlight the readability of the instrument panel. Ask them their favorite radio station and use it while demonstrating the stereo system. Point out leg, hip and headroom. Do not forget to use solid feature-function-benefit while doing so.

When you have finished your interior presentation it is time to

take a demonstration drive.
Always use the same route, make certain your management team knows you are away from the lot and make right hand turns only. Select a route that allows your customer to experience several types of driving conditions. Highway, surface streets, neighborhoods, etc.

Always drive first. Why? Because your customer is still not comfortable with the operating controls. The time you spend driving will allow them to become comfortable and more importantly, if you are speaking to them if they drive first they will not pay attention to you...they are concentrating on where the controls are, avoiding an accident, etc.

When you return to the dealership tell your customer to park in front of the building. DO NOT LET THEM park the vehicle in the space it came out of. You will find that in almost all instances your customer will, when parked, immediately turn off the vehicle. This is the time for you to ask the single most important question in the car business...

"Other than the numbers, is there anything preventing us from doing business today?"

Before you continue on the road to a sale step 4 find out if you have left any unanswered objections or neglected to show something of importance. If you have, it will come up during your negotiations. Better to answer them now.

Here are things you should think about prior to the road to a sale step 4.
  • Is the vehicle ready to show?
    If your customer is an appointment, take time well before their expected arrival and check the condition of the vehicle. Is it clean? Does it have fuel? Are there any warning lights that need to be addressed?
  • Are you ready?
    Is your product knowledge where it should be? Can you comfortably use feature-function-benefit to present the vehicle? Have you done a good job of fact finding?

The importance of product presentation If you have addressed these issues and are confident your customer will feel your professionalism and confidence.

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