Road to a Sale Step 7

It is time to trial close as the road to a sale step 7 calls for. Why is it referred to as a trial close and not just a close? For one very simple reason...this is where you allow your customer to bring up any objections you may have left unanswered or express anything that might stop them from doing business with you.

At the conclusion of the demonstration drive you asked them the single most important question...

"Other than the numbers is there anything stopping us from doing business today?"

At that point you answered any further objections. Now is the time to find out if anything has been overlooked. You can do that by saying to your customer

“Mr. Customer, we’ve agreed that other than the numbers there is nothing stopping us from doing business. Here are some of the forms we will be using.”

If there are no other objections you are ready to continue with the road to a sale step 7. If there are, it is time to answer them. Now open your folder with all the forms needed to complete a car deal. (Your dealership may use a computer driven CRM program that will print the forms using a printer either in your office or at the sales desk). What documents should you include?

  • A buyer's order or deal worksheet
  • An appraisal slip
  • Customer statement or credit application
  • Any other documentation required to complete a car deal

Make certain you have answered any question the customer may have asked before you write anything on a form. Once you have done so take out each form and introduce them to your customer. Do not make the mistake many of your peers make by taking out a worksheet and writing their name on it. Why? Because if you do chances are the customer will say this...

"Hang on a minute, I'm not buying anything." Sound familiar?

Avoid this by taking the forms, one at a time, and showing them to your customer. Here are easy word scripts to use as you do so.

  • The Buyer's order or worksheet
    "Mr. Customer, on this form I am going to put some information about the vehicle you are purchasing and the vehicle you are trading in." Now lay the form face down.
  • The appraisal slip
    "Mr. Customer, this is the form we used when we looked at your trade-in. I will take it, along with your vehicle to my used car buyer." Lay the form aside.
  • The customer statement or credit application
    "This is the form we will use to provide information to our lenders." Put the form aside.
  • Any other documents?
    Use the same format to let your customer become familiar with them.

Now it is time to take the buyer's order or worksheet and write their name on it. Because they have already seen it they know that it is the form you will use for the information about the them and the vehicles being purchased and traded in.

You have now completed the road to a sale step 7 and are ready to move to step 8, the write-up.

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