Road to a Sale Step 9

The road to a sale step 9 is about negotiation and closing. In the first 8 steps you have set the stage for finalizing your deal. This step is like the game of golf. You practice on the range and test what you have learned on the course.

It is time to test what occurred in the first 8 steps. If you need to review them go here.

Negotiation with your customer involves the terms of sale. You received them from the sales desk and this step is about presenting them. But before you do there is detailed information about that here.

On this page you need to learn or refresh your knowledge of negotiation. The first rule is...
You can only negotiate one item at a time.

An illustration here is helpful. Suppose you are presenting figures to your customer. Prior to the write-up they asked about an accessory. Let's use floor mats as an example. You present the figures to your customer. The floor mats are priced at $149.00. The customer says..."Wow, I can get floor mats for a lot less than that." This may or may not be true but do not lose focus on what is important here.

You can either negotiate the price of floor mats or you can negotiate the terms of the sale.

The mistake salespeople make here is becoming involved in a lengthy negotiation about floor mat pricing. They give all sorts of reasons and justifications about why the quoted price for the mats is fair. Yes, the road to a sale step 9 is about negotiation but remember which one is most important. They may win this negotiation but they have lost focus on the sale of the vehicle. And so has the customer.

Instead of getting off focus why not say,

"Mr. Customer, I am certain my dealership would not miss your business over just a couple of dollars for floor mats. I will work on that figure for you but before I do I want to make certain the rest of the figures are agreeable."

Now you have the customer, and yourself, back on track. You are negotiating the terms of sale. Accessories are certainly a part but they are not the main focus.

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