The Four Square Presentation

A four square presentation presents the following to your customer.

  • Selling Price
  • Trade Allowance
  • Down Payment
  • Monthly Payment

When you have asked your customer for a commitment to purchase pending all terms being agreeable the items in the four square set out those terms. How you present them is almost as important as being able to effectively negotiate if they raise an objection to one of the figures.

As you present the figures to your customer you must do so with confidence. That is difficult to do if you do not understand them yourself. Be certain you do. Ask your manager if you have a question about one of them. Customers like to do business with knowledgeable people. If you appear hesitant or unsure they will perceive it negatively.

After you receive figures from the sales desk make certain you are seated before you say anything. Salespeople often make the mistake of starting the presentation of numbers while they are still moving toward the customer. This creates an uneasy feeling. Use a pen to indicate each of the figures.

Speak slowly and clearly, this is not the time for lack of communication.

Your presentation of the four square should sound something like this...

"Mr. Customer, this is the selling price of the vehicle you are purchasing...(point to sales price)...based on miles, equipment and condition your trade allowance is...(point to trade allowance figure)...our lenders generally ask for a down payment of... (this will be a dollar figure or range of figures)...which will set your monthly payments in the range of (point to monthly payment)."

Short and to the point. As it is designed to do the four square presentation gets your customer to react to the figures, perhaps more than one. This reaction is what opens the door to negotiation and a successful close based on agreeable terms.

What do I say if they object to one of the figures? You will find word scripts by clicking on the following links.

Selling Price
Trade Allowance
Down Payment
Monthly Payment

The four square presentation is only part of the road to a sale


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