Negotiation is Easy

The art of negotiation is simply a matter of arriving at a mutually beneficial agreement. You want to sell something and your customer wants to buy it. A lot can happen from point A to point B that might prevent that. If you fail to make the sale it is most likely because you forgot the important lesson of Step 2 and in the eyes of your customer did not build a strong case for your product based on their needs

Present your Case to the Jury

Closing a sale is a lot like the closing argument an attorney presents to a jury. After all the evidence has been presented by following Step 4 you give them a summation of the facts. When you negotiate and close you are doing that very thing. You are providing an oral argument that will convince the jury to see things your way. I know, sometimes the good guys get a surprise in the end. No one can win them all. All you are doing is increasing the odds in your favor by learning how to effectively present your case. If it includes all the pertinent facts, like you found out how to do in Step 2, you will win far more than you lose.

Closing the deal is a lot like standing at the altar and forgetting to say "I Do"

If you have done the right thing every step of the way you have earned the right to ask for the business. When you do so, be prepared if they say NO. Many times NO simply means the customer needs more information and this is their way of asking you for it. They may raise additional objections. If this is the case use the princples found in overcoming objections.


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