Four Square Presentation Monthly Payment

In a four square presentation monthly payment, for most customers, is the bottom line. People are conditioned by advertising to ask "How much down and how much per month?" The four square presentation is designed to focus the customer on this concept. The payment is only one item you will present during your four square presentation. The other three are discussed at the following links.

During a four square presentation monthly payment objections are typical. The payments are too high. Or they should be. Why? Because good sales managers know to pencil the first payment based on short term. Offering the customer a 60 or 72 month payment on the first pencil leads to lowered gross profit. Why?

If the payment is too high on an extended term the only way to lower the payment is to either get more cash down, raise the trade allowance or lower the selling price.

Unless the customer increases the down payment the other options result in a reduced selling price.

This is another place where we will take a side-step. One of the questions the four square monthly payment presentation raises is this...

What's the interest rate?

Most salepeople fumble this question by saying too much or too little. Either one is not the right approach. One raises additional questions and the other appears to be evasive. Answer the question and move forward by using this statement.

“Mr. Customer, the rate is set by the lender based on several things. The amount you are financing, the initial down payment and how long you choose to finance your vehicle. My business office will explain the lenders guidelines to you and the decision of what is best is up to you. I know they have some great options available because nearly all my customers choose to finance here at the dealership.”

Don't forget to ask for the business at this point..."So, Mr. Customer, it sounds to me as if the other figures are agreeable. Let me commit them to paper and my business office will answer your interest rate question." Now you can either prepare the paperwork or answer any other objections.

OK, back to the four square presentation monthly payment. In step 2 of the road to a sale you found out what the customer's current payment is on their trade-in, right? Here is why it was important to find it out. Let's use a hypothetical.
Say their current payment is $350 . The payment you showed them on your four square is $550 . As you present the number instead of saying five hundred fifty why not say..."your payment is only 5 or 6 dollars a day more than your current payment." Sounds smaller than $550, doesn't it?

Equate the difference in payment to the smallest daily amount..."It's only the price of a soda pop and candy bar a day more than you are paying now."

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In a four square presentation monthly payment is only one item


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