Automobile Sales Training

The automobile sales training modules included in STAY ON TARGET are designed for both new and experienced salespeople and managers.

I receive the greatest number of requests for sales scripts or wording to help close the sale.

I always caution that you cannot close if you never open. What do I mean? Simple, really...

Did you ask the single most important question in automobile sales? If you do not know what it is you can find it in Step 4 of the Road to a Sale.

Each of these, as you probably recognize, is a step in the Road to a Sale. Dealerships 'teach' these steps to their salespeople. Where they fall short is in teaching the "WHY" of each step. There is a difference between knowing the mechanics of the step and knowing why you do each.

Imagine working in a dealership where proper and effective ongoing sales training are a priority. They exist, you know. You will find their names prominently mentioned in Automotive News, Wards Dealer Magazine and a host of other automotive industry targeted publications. What sets them apart from their competitors? The realization that continuing to do things as they've always been done achieves the same result.

These automobile dealers and dealer groups have instilled the importance of growing their people into a culture where good is not good enough and by continuing to teach and train their people they know that ultimately they will win out.

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From Automobile sales training to training and knowledge applicable to every sales career the fundamentals of selling remain the same.


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