Road to a Sale Step 6

Get seated and relaxed. The road to a sale step 6 calls for your customer to do just that. Something that on the surface of it seems so obvious and easy to accomplish might not require much thought. Or does it?

This step is often left to chance because very few salespeople think about it. What is not spelled out in most auto sales training programs is the customer needs to be seated and relaxed in an atmosphere that makes it easier for yor customer to conduct business.

What atmosphere does your office or workspace present?

  • Free of clutter?
    Your customers like to do business with professionals. A clean, uncluttered office or desk area will present that image. Do you have worksheets from previous deals spread all over your desk? Do you look organized and ready for business? It takes only a few moments to tidy up and it pays big dividends.

  • How is your furniture arranged?
    Do you have adequate seating for everyone? Is it arranged to allow you to move in and out as you go to the desk for numbers?

  • Do you have awards and certifications prominently displayed?
    People like to do business with winners and experts. Show your customers you are proud of your achievements.

  • Are you able to turn off your telephone?
    If so, make a big gesture of it. It shows the customer you are interested in only them. If not, call the switchboard and tell them to hold your calls, you are with a customer. It will make an impression.

  • Are there any hidden distractions?
    The volume on a radio? Any odd odors from something in the trash can? The condition of the floor? Leave nothing to chance.

Before you ask your customers to be seated do everyone, including yourself, a big favor. Chances are you have spent quite some time in steps 1 to 5. Show your customers where the restroom facilities are. Ask if they would like a soft drink or water.

As your transition from step 6 to step 7 a customer who suddenly needs to take a restroom break or get a drink is a momentum killer.

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