Road to a Sale Step 8

In the road to a sale step 8 you will get a written commitment to do business based on all terms being agreeable. I will assume you have done the first seven steps properly. If you need to review them go here.

The terms that need to be agreeable to your customer are Selling Price, Trade Allowance, Down Payment and Monthly Payment. There is an in depth discussion of each of these at the following links.

In step 7 you took a few moments to introduce the customer to the forms you will be using. By doing that when you begin to write on your worksheet you will avoid having the customer say..."Hold on, I'm not buying anything."

As you start your write-up take a moment to reassure the customer.

“Mr. Customer, we know most misunderstandings are due to a lack of understanding. I am going to write down exactly what our obligation to you is so we can avoid any chance of that.”

Now proceed to complete the information your dealership requires before you receive figures from the sales desk.

As you write you may hear additional objections from your customer. Stop and address them now. If you do not they will pop up later, I guarantee it. You may have to go so far as to go out to the vehicle and re-present or re-demo. If that is what is required take the time to do so. Shortcuts lead to paycuts.

Before you leave to go to the desk tell your customers what you are doing. Explain to them you are going to management to get a proposal. Do not leave them wondering where you are.

This is a bit off topic but stop and think about what is happening in the road to a sale step 8. You are asking the customer for a commitment to do business. You will get figures from the desk and you will be forced to leave your customers at your desk/office. In most dealerships the desk is visible from your work area. Your customers are watching you. Be careful how you act. You and I cannot change human nature. This is time to be business-like. If your customers see you laughing or joking at the desk they will assume they are the topic of conversation. It is what it is. Working with the desk is a topic covered here.

After you get your figures from the desk make certain you understand each of them. If your dealership pencils deals using the 4 square presentation you can find information on that here.

Make sure you never miss an update to the StayOnTarget training series. All you need to do is let me know where to send it.

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