Mentoring is asking someone who has skills and knowledge to teach or train another person. Here are the steps to selecting the right person.

  • ATTITUDE- Your newly hired person will be greatly influenced by the salesperson you select. Does this person have the right attitude towards customers, his fellow employees and the mission of your company? The person you select might not be your top producer. Consider someone well rounded. Long after they stop training the new hire will still look to them for guidance.
  • PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE- Does the person have the level of knowledge that will enable them to assist a new hire?
  • PAPERWORK- Do they complete paperwork properly? The entire sales process depends on the ability to handle paperwork. Make certain they have this quality.
  • REWARD- Reward them for their efforts. I suggest basing it on a performance standard that measures the progress of the new hire. Not just sales. Measureable areas of performance such as knowledge testing, certifications and number of sales presentations.
  • POTENTIAL LOSS OF BUSINESS- Think about what effect and to what degree the mentor’s personal business will decline because their attention is divided between their customers and the new salesperson’s needs. Some salespeople cannot divide their attentions and remain effective. Select someone who is capable of handling the task.

Ready to move forward?

Good. Do not select your mentor yet. You have some further planning to do. Take these steps next.

  • Prepare a "Mentor Application" You only want people who want to do this. Your application should include these questions: (at a minimum)
    • Why do you want to mentor?
    • What skills do you have that will help you?
    • Are you aware of the time commitment?
    • Do you know how to teach effectively?
    • What skills are you lacking?
    • What impact will this have on your sales performance?

  • Decide when to start the program. Allow yourself enough time to talk with the people who have expressed interest. You will also need time for them to prepare the materials they will need to be effective.
  • Devise a checklist for them to follow. Teaching is not an inherent skill. Make certain they do it the way you want it done. Here is a sample checklist.

    The last piece is giving them a basic understanding of how to teach. That is a vital part of the success of your program. Have them read Mentoring Fundamentals.

    All you have to do now is monitor the progress.

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