5 Decisions People make Before They Buy

1. NEED OR WANT- The need buying decision is based on a change in conditions. You purchase something because you have a need for the benefit of the product. You need to cut a tree..you get a saw. You need a better way to keep track of your inventory...you get a software program. You have another child..you need a bigger vehicle.

A want decision is based on ego. You want it because it will make you feel better, impress the neighbors or help you. You want a bigger house. You want the latest electronic equipment. You want a bigger diamond, right ladies? This decision isn't because you need it, you want it.

2. BRAND-Manufacturers spend billions of dollars to advertise and promote both product and brand identity. Purchasers, in many instances, are extremely brand loyal and have made the brand decision prior to the actual shopping experience.

3. WHEN- This decision is based on lifestyle factors. I don't think people in Minnesota acquire lots of outdoor furniture in January. Have you noticed how many businesses that sell hard goods have big sales around income tax refund season? Your local car dealer advertises the heck out of vans right before summer vacation season. You get the point. There are events that trigger buying activity. Be aware of them and increase your business.

4. PRICE TO PAY- Within reason most folks know what price range the product they want falls in. They comparison shop prices on the internet, look in the newspaper and watch television.

5. WHERE TO BUY- The reputation you and your company have established will guide customers to your business. The location of your business has a great deal to do with where people purchase. Don't you like the convenience of the store near your home? Your dry cleaners? The coffee shop you visit on the way to the office?

You will have customers come to your place of business due to location. They will come back and do repeat business if you take care of them in the proper manner. Look at these survey results from people who buy.

Do you sell most of your goods on the internet?

These same decisions apply to you as well. People want to do business where it's easy. They want a good product. They want the best price. They have a want or need. They want to do business with someone who has a good reputation. Is your website up to par? Do you have a compelling message? Does your content grab the reader's attention? If the answer is yes, congratulations. If your internet business isn't generating the kind of revenue you hope for the answer might be here.

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