Learn from football players

Football players. What in the world does that have to do with sales? How can a professional athlete teach me how to sell? Unless they have an off season job in sales probably not much.

Here is what you can learn.....

the value of practice.

People familiar with American football know the regular season starts in September and ends in January. What they may not know is training camps start in July. It takes time to prepare for the upcoming season. That is what I want to talk to you about. This will require some simple arithmetic so don't panic...we can work through this together.

You know training camp starts in July. The season starts in September. That allows about 8 weeks for training. If the team trains 6 days a week that is 48 days of training. Let's assume an 8 hour training day. 48 days of training multiplied by 8 hours per day equals 384 hours of training. By the way, most players train in the off season as well.

Now lets talk about the season itself. The regular season is 16 games. A game has four quarters that last 15 minutes each. That is one hour of actual playing time. Which means the entire season can be played in 16 hours!

For those of you not familiar with football as it is played in America the team consists of an offense and a defense. Very few players, if any, play both. Which means their playing time is only 8 hours per season if they play every play. So, you know how much the player practiced, 384 hours. You know how much he plays during the season, 8 hours. For every hour of playing time he practiced 48 hours.

How much do you practice? Is it any wonder you are not improving? Lets do the arithmetic on your "season".

You work 5 days a week? 8 hours a day? How much of that time is actually spent in a face to face selling situation? The rest of your time is driving to appointments, doing paperwork, staying organized, doing follow up. Determine how much time you actually spend in front of customers. It may surprise you how little it is. The point here is simple...practice like a football player so when your "playing time" comes you will be prepared.

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