Relax your customer

Where do you go to relax? Most likely to a place you are familiar with. Unfamiliar surroundings distract our thoughts. Create an easy to do business atmosphere with adequate seating.
  • Have you shown them where the restrooms are?
  • Did you allow a moment for a restroom stop if needed.
  • Offer your customers a soda, water or coffee.
  • Think about things they may need before they have to ask.
  • The right temperature.
  • The right personal space.
  • Offer them water or a soda.
  • A place for the kids to be entertained.

The environment should be one where you can conduct business without distraction.

We all have comfort zones

Your home, your office, your car..those are your personal spaces. Your customer is not in their comfort zone. You must create an atmosphere that puts them at ease. If they want to escape from the setting you have lost control. Do nothing to hinder your success.

What about you ?

  • Is your office or desk area clean and free from clutter? No one likes to do business with people who appear disorganized.
  • Do you have awards or certificates where your customers can see them? People like to do business with experts.
  • Do you have a brag book? One with letters from customers. Photos of your hobbies or your family? Everyone likes to talk about kids.
  • Do you have all the paperwork necessary at your fingertips? Nothing will break the flow like searching for paperwork. Have folders prepared with everything you will need.

If you have learned The Road to the Sale this shouldn't be a problem. The information you have should put you well on the way to handle anything that arises during your negotiations.

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