Any destination requires us to map out a route. The Road to the Sale is the route you will take every time you have an opportunity to meet a customer.

If today you were asked to go to an unfamiliar location what is the first thing you would need? A MAP, A WAY TO GET THERE and STEPS TO FOLLOW.

When committed to memory, these are the steps to a successful sales presentation. These steps must be second nature and followed each and every time you make contact with a customer. Knowing them will help you find your way back if you get off track or miss a step.

By adhering to these steps you will increase your chances of making the sale. Make your commitment to success with study and practice. Each step is a building block to the next.

Each Sales Step Has a "Reason Why"

The Road to the Sale has been used for decades in car dealerships as the basic building block(s) of automotive sales training.

If you are new to automobile sales commit them to memory and use the modules in the Stay On Target sales training series to discover the 'WHY' of each step and its importance in transitioning your customer from a proper meet and greet to following up and asking for referral business.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Use the beginning step to put your customer at ease. Don't create a stumbling block that will make it more difficult to ask for their business when the time is right.

As you become more comfortable moving through the steps you will discover that each paves the way for the next and helps eliminate possible objections and pitfalls that prevent you from earning your customer's business.

By learning to ask the proper questions, select the right vehicle and give a world class product presentation and demonstration your chances for success increase because your customer's questions are answered and their needs are met.

Imagine being able to confidently and expertly present a vehicle to each and every customer you see and the impact that has on your earnings.

The road to a sale helps eliminate the problem of poor Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) scores by teaching you to perform a proper vehicle delivery.

You will earn repeat and referral business when you know how to follow up properly and effectively.

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