Internet Sales is No Different

It is just a different sales venue. Not many years ago the word internet was a small blip on the radar. Now it is one of the dominant forces in our lives. Think of where you go for information. Right where you are now, at your computer. Even Grandma knows how to send email. The children of today will never imagine a world without the internet.

There are thousands of people who have built a successful sales business on the internet. The appeal is overwhelming. Look at the number of sites that are about building a website. The fact is most of them do it the wrong way. Here's proof.

It isn't about fancy designs or eye catching photos.

It's about words. The types of words that make people do something. But you have to know what it is you want them to do. I know, you want them to buy something. And that's OK. But you have to pre-sell them first. Unless they already have a relationship with your business they want to know more before they buy. Just like you do when you consider making a purchase.

And that is why most websites fail. They fail to draw traffic, they fail to provide good information and they fail to make sales. Why? Because they try to sell first. Don't sell...PRE-SELL your visitors.

If you are a beginner thinking of an opportunity to own a home based business. Start the right way.

If you are the most experienced Webmaster on earth you already know it isn't about the fancy stuff. Its about creating quality traffic. Its about enjoying financial freedom. Its about living your dreams... and computer skills don't give you that.

If you have no clue what it takes to start an online business this online sales information is for you.

Selling on the internet is no different than sales anywhere...

  • You must have a quality product to sell
    Your website may look flashy. It may be the best one on the web. You want to make sales. If you have nothing to sell all you have is a pretty screen saver.

  • You must present the product with enthusiasm
    That is the force that drives sales. Whether you sell on the internet or one customer at a time. By the way, even internet surfers buy one at a time.

  • Your website must have great selling skills
    Yes, your website. It must talk to the viewer as if they were standing directly in front of you. They have to hear your passion about your business, your service or your product. How can you accomplish that? Its easy. Here are FREE BOOKS you can download that will show you how.

  • You must realize this is a business
    Starting a business, buying a business or running a business. The principles are the same. You must have a plan. Your plan should include a well thought out course of action.

  • You have to grab their attention
    The internet is a fast paced world. If you do not get their attention immediately they will find someone else. 30 seconds is all it takes.

  • You must present your case in simple words When YOU look at a website don't you scan the page? If the type is very small or it looks like a 20 page magazine article you want to find something else, right? Your customers are the same way. Build a website that works.

  • You must realize it will not happen overnight
    The fatal mistake people make is thinking about the money first. I know, everybody wants to get rich quick. That is not the real world. Yes, millions of people are online and you can sell your product to them. But...

    They have to find you first.

    There are millions of pages. How are they going to find yours? Google, Yahoo and MSN are internet search engines. Just like you, people type in what they are looking for.These search engines find the pages you want. How? By looking for Keywords. Dr. Ken Evoy can explain it much better than I can.

    Think of your site like a book. Your book can have the best looking cover. It can promise an exciting read on the dust jacket. If your reader opens the cover and the pages are BLANK they will not buy your book.

    Make your site one that provides real content and value. Those are the qualities that succeed online. Need some help in starting your business. Click this link to read success stores about online sales.

    "But I have nothing to sell", you say? Watch the following to find out how folks just like you build a business without a specific product...

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