Control the high seas and put yourself in charge.

No, not the high seas where swashbuckling Pirates roamed. These HIGH C's are the way to "C SUCCESS"



From birth until age 5 your parents tell you what to do. From the age of 5 until 18 school tells you what to do. From 18 to 22 you are told by college or the military what to do. At that point someone hands you a diploma or a discharge and says “Knock ‘em dead.”

You have never been taught to think for yourself and are conditioned to accept commands. You are not in control of your personal High Seas.

Your customers have received this same training.

You must command your customers. Tell them what you want them to do, they will do it. Instead of asking if they would like to see your product in action tell them to watch how simple it is to use.


Webster’s Dictionary defines this as a verb that means "to transfer information, thought or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood."

There are two critical elements in that definition. The first tells us this is a verb. That indicates action. The second uses the word “satisfactorily.” Effective communication requires you to make certain your customer understands what you are saying. It is equally important you understand your customer. Most misunderstandings are due to a lack of understanding. If that happens you will understand not making the deal.


Once again you must look at the definition as seen by Webster. “To regulate or have power over.” You must regulate the events by learning The Road to the Sale and using it EVERY time. You must control the sequence of events.


When you commit you are giving yourself over to something. A marriage commitment is the giving of one life to another. A commitment to military service is a tour of duty for a set amount of time.

During the sales process there are two commitments.

The first is your commitment to follow the Road to the Sale.

The second happens when you ask your customer to commit to the completion of the sale based upon certain events, i.e., right price, payment, terms, color, delivery date,etc.

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