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The sales desk. The sales tower. You may call it by a different name. It may be the manager's office, it may be an area of the showroom. Whatever name you call it and whatever the location at your dealership it is the nerve center in the retail sales department.

This page has information relevant to salespeople. The manager's responsibilities are here. Let's begin by outlining your responsibilities.

  • Why are you there?

    It's a very busy place. Your manager, depending on the size of your sales force, may be working with a number of salespeople at any given moment. Before you go to the sales desk have a reason to be there.

  • Are you ready to go the desk?

    Your manager is human. Just like you he prefers working with people who are professional and prepared. A great desk manager will always ask, "What do you have?" Be ready to provide the information that they need to help you with your car deal.
    Just the facts at this point. The manager doesn't need to know that your customer just shot the best round of golf in his life. They just want information related to the deal.

  • Is your paperwork in order?

    Correct stock numbers and VIN information. Correct trade-in info. Is every document you need at this point filled out and legible? Help your management to help you make a deal.

  • Did you do a great job of fact finding?

    A good desk manager will ask questions that will directly relate to the information you gathered in step 2. They need this information in order to help you.

  • Have you overcome the customer's objections?

    If not, you are at the wrong place. Do not go to the desk until you have answered all customer objections. If they have one that requires your manager's assistance would be the exception.

  • Do you have a commitment to do business?

    Before you assume the answer is "yes" do both yourself and your manager a favor. If you do not, tell the manager now. Do not ask your customer to sign a commitment to do business under false pretenses. If they are uncomfortable or unwilling to sign a commitment, tell your manager. Good sales desk managers will pencil the deal differently for an uncommitted customer.

Another aside here...

Most sales managers would prefer you tell them you tried your best but could not get them to sign a commitment, rather than one signed just to get numbers.

  • Do you understand the numbers?
    If not, have the manager on duty at the sales desk explain them. You are in the middle of a deal. On the job training is a great teacher but the tuition will kill you. If you don't understand each number, ask.

Before you go to the sales desk

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