How did you Learn?

Conducting an effective training meeting is not a skill that comes naturally. Most of what you have learned about it came from observing what happened in meetings you attended. If you are lucky the person conducting those meetings had some knowledge of teaching effectively.

If not, use these steps and you will be well ahead of the learning curve.

1. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE MEETING? This is not the time to talk about performance. Performance reviews should be done one on one to get the best benefit. Teaching is the focus. This is a time to learn.

2. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO COVER? Have a prepared presentation for the session. Too often meetings that are designed to train lose focus. Give them a handout listing what you will be talking about. It also makes a great road map for you if you get off track.

3. DO NOT "WING IT". Tell them what they are going to learn, teach it to them and tell them what you taught them. This would require you to know your subject. Spend time going over your material prior to the meeting. You are the authority in their eyes. If the material and intended training appears to be unimportant to you why should those in your meeting feel otherwise?

4. HOW DO YOU WANT TO COVER IT? Written material? Slide presentation? Video? Familiarize yourself with the method of presentation. All of us have sat in a meeting where the focus is getting the equipment to operate...the intended message is quickly lost. Get your people involved.Invite their input and participation. They will surprise you.

5. WHAT WILL YOU NEED IN THE WAY OF MATERIALS? Have everything ready before you start. Copies of handouts, product brochures, pictures, charts, graphs, etc. Being prepared and organized is a teaching tool in itself. Never let a salesperson come to training without the necessary items to take notes.

Now its time to conduct the training meeting

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