Feature Function Benefit Selling

There is a dramatic difference in the income level of salespeople who know that FEATURE FUNCTION BENEFIT selling generates income and telling does not. Before you run off and invest your hard earned money in one of the many books with that phrase in the title let me give you the 'secret' here, free of charge. In the interest of saving space I will refer to Feature-Function-Benefit as FFB.

What exactly is it?

FFB is, simply put, a method of product presentation that satisfies three key customer questions EVERY TIME you demonstrate any feature of a vehicle. They are

  • What is it ...FEATURE
  • What does it do...FUNCTION
  • Why should I have it...BENEFIT

I learn better when given an example so let's do that here. Suppose the vehicle you are presenting is equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS). The 'telling' method of sales sounds like this..."This vehicle has anti-lock brakes." Big deal, huh? The FFB method of selling goes like this..."This vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock braking system. (FEATURE) In the event of an emergency stop situation depress the brake pedal fully to the floor and the system's computer will automatically pump the brakes (FUNCTION) which prevents skidding and loss of steering control. (BENEFIT)

The final step when using FFB is asking a tie-down question after presentation of the benefit statement. An example of that would be, "Mr. Customer, wouldn't you agree added safety, not to mention the premium discount most insurance companies offer for having ABS, is something your vehicle ought to have?"

Use the information you learned in Step 2 of the Road to a Sale and present them using Feature Function Benefit.

Are you the best at
Feature Function Benefit Selling?

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