Toyota Prius Adaptive Cruise Control

by cecil Lett
(vienna, virginia, USA)

I was travelling down 495, bumper to bumper traffic. I was guilty like so many other drivers of almost tailgating the vehicle in front of me,to avoid another vehicle cutting in front of me. This close bumper to bumper positioning was not a great ideal. I sense this was the case, so I intuitively activated the adaptive radar cruise control. This safety system distant me from the vehicle directly in front of me. This feature paid me a handsome dividend, when suddenly the car in front of me suddely stopped unexpectedly. Had i been situated a 1/2 foot closer I would have slammed in the back of the car directly in front of me. I am heavily indebted to this incredible safety system. It allowed me to avoid physically damaging the prius, likely personal physical injury and mental stress. I am very happy I escaped the three troubling aspects of a car accident. Mr. and or Mrs. Customer this is something you too would love in your new vehicle. right?

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