How to present the 4 Wheel Drive system on a Ford 150 pickup.

by Gerald Brandon Bondie
(Starke, FL, U.S.)

Customer comes in to dealership, she's looking for a vehicle today. I ask her what is it that she likes and doesn't like about her current vehicle. She currently owns a Ford Ranger and it's a stick shift which she has grown to use but she would like an automatic vehicle.

I asked her besides the stick shift I was wondering if there was anything else that she liked about the vehicle and she said that she liked the bed of the truck because she uses it to haul hay to and from her farm.

I instantly stated, ''wow, you own a farm that is great; so owning a truck then you are able to do everything you want and more it sounds like, versatility and reliability.'' She stated that the vehicle is a great truck but her road and routes she takes are old country roads and are often washed out by the rain which make it impassable with her current vehicle. Upon further inspection and discovery, her current truck does NOT have 4x4 drive system. (Feature).

I stated to her that with the 4x4 drive system, the truck would use all four of her tires to move the vehicle and would make it near impossible to get her truck stuck when she is traveling. (Function).

To close the sale and/or this FFB, I let her know about an added benefit about getting a truck with 4x4 is that I knew a majority of them that are automatic transmission so that the truck would automatically shift the gears for her so that she could travel more safely and have both hands on the wheel at all time and also not worry about getting stuck anymore. (Benefit).

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