Listen to Body Language

The science of KINESICS is the study of body language. It is every bit as important on the road to a sale as what you hear. Learn from it. I am not a dating service so I will restrict my comments on this subject to how they relate to selling.

LOOKING AT WATCH This customer is bored. They have lost interest in you or the product. You have two choices. Speed up or set an appointment for another time. Remember, once the customer is gone you have no control over the sequence of events.

LOOKING DOWN OR AWAY FROM YOU This indicates they are not buying into your presentation. Use good fact finding techniques to get back on track. Fact Finding is Step 2 in the Road to the Sale. Do not ask for a commitment to buy.

ARMS FOLDED ACROSS CHEST The customer is not involved or needs more information. Find out which it is. Do not attempt to close

LEANING FORWARD Customer is buying in. Ask for a purchase commitment.

HANDS IN POCKETS Customer is uncomfortable with situation or surroundings. Do not attempt to close. More small talk and fact finding needed.

SMOKING Customer is comfortable with you. They are accepting your information and buying in to the process.

NERVOUS HANDS, BITING NAILS, TAPPING FINGERS Fear of decision making. Wants more information prior to decision. You must help this customer decide or provide information to assist decision. Go for trial close.

LEANING BACK IN CHAIR Provide additional information or facts. Do not attempt to close.

As fascinating a form of communication as this, YOU communicate with your customer the same way. Guard against displaying subtle hints that prevent you from making the sale.

Do you speak slowly and clearly? If you find your customer asking you to repeat yourself perhaps your manner of speaking needs a tune-up.
Do you look directly at your customer when you speak to them? Most of us know that looking away, looking down, etc. may indicate untruthfulness.
Do you lean forward when introducing an important point? Leaning forward and lowering your voice a bit tends to draw the customer's focus to you.

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