Dream Careers....How to Make it a Reality

How? That's the question and I think I can help you can find the answer.

What is your passion?... You know, the thing your friends keep telling to stop talking about.

You must know a lot about it or you wouldn't say much. Would you like to turn that passion into a dream career with no boss, no set schedule? Not possible, you say? Thanks to the world wide web it is possible and people just like YOU are doing it every day.

How do I know?

Because I spent almost 30 years of my life working for other people. I made great money. I drove brand new cars. I live in a big house. My family took fantastic vacations...but something was missing.

I had no sense of fulfillment.

The nice cars? Just things. The big house? A place to live. The great job? It became just a job. The vacations? There were lots of other people there, how special could they be? Did I mention the 15 hour workdays? That got pretty old, too.

And I wasn't dealing with the Boss, I was the boss!
What I wasn't was the Boss of was my own life.

I had become so wrapped up in making a great living I wasn't in charge anymore. You know, the people who work for you wanting something. Vendors calling...people not showing up for work...putting one foot in front of the other because you have to. If you can relate you are not alone, my friend.

Then the unthinkable happened

The company I worked for was sold! No notice, no warning. Within the hour the new ownership was on the property and I was asked to take my personal possessions and leave the building. (I certainly didn't feel like Elvis.)

I'd like to tell you I was angry. Stunned was more like it. Oh, I had spent my life in business and I understood the good business decision they made. It was millions in their pocket. I got a little money from the company and a polite "THANK YOU" and "GOOD LUCK".

I don't believe in luck. What I believe in is motivation and brains guided by a plan.

I had so much knowledge I knew there had to be a way to turn it into a business. I had passion about it. The same kind of passion you have. What I wasn't sure about was what to do with it. I had offers from 3 competitors to work for them. It was nice, but really....back to the same thing? The long hours, the stress?

I decided to use the internet to look for an alternative. There were jobs everywhere, maybe even like the one you have. You know, you do the work, they get the money.

I made a decision and you can, too.

I decided I wasn't going to do it anymore. I was going to do it for myself. But how? I knew how to run a business. I was the General Manager of a company with one hundred million dollars a year in sales. How could I turn that knowledge into cash? Well, our old friend the internet helped me with that one.

What I found was a way to share my knowledge and people pay me for it.

No computer skills, no writing skills...just what I already knew. Things like you know. The things your friends and neighbors ask you about. The kind of things people want to find out. The easy way. By looking for the answer on the internet.

So I used the internet and found something called SiteSell. It made it so easy for me. It was all there...even the computer part, which they practically do for you. I can't tell you how easy it was. In fact it's so simple sometimes I still have a hard time believing it. Google, Yahoo, MSN...they all wanted me to share the knowledge I have.

They want your knowledge, too.

All you have to do is share it. The beauty of it is the folks at SiteSell have done the hard part. At least for me..the computer stuff. All I had to do was tell 'em what I know. They do the rest. Find out how.

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