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What is your passion? Probably the thing everyone tells you to stop talking about. My passion has always been sales. To be more specific improving the selling process. For most of my life I have enjoyed the income and lifestyle selling has provided for my family and me for which I am thankful.

Several years ago I had an epiphany. You know, one of those moments when you see something so clearly it almost takes your breath away.

My moment, just like the ones you have had, came during a routine workday when I was simply doing my job. I remember it like it happened yesterday. I was conducting a sales training meeting and someone opened the door. I recognized one of the two men standing there. He was the Sales Manager from the building next door.

He wanted to know if I would help him and here is what he said,

"This is Charles, I just hired him in my sales department and if it is OK with you I would like him to attend your training."

I wish I could tell you that is where the epiphany occurred.

But it isn't. I will get to that in a moment but I want you to focus on this.....


I was sort of irritated. Why should I do his job? I had new salespeople of my own that needed my help but I couldn't tell him no. Can you imagine my surprise when the next morning I had ALL of the other manager's salespeople show up for my training class.

When I asked him why I had his people and mine he said to me,
"This organization has lots of sales managers but nobody can train the way you do"

and then it hit me

IF I COULD WRITE IT ALL DOWN I BET SOMEBODY WOULD BUY IT. At the time I knew nothing about writing a book, (as you can see by my style I still don't) but the thought kept nagging at me. I even told my wife and a stockbroker friend I was SOMEDAY going to write a book on sales and sales management.

The thought never went away but like most of you I was so busy I couldn't find the time to do much about it. When I finally got serious about putting pen to paper I looked around the internet to get a feel for what others had written on the subject and I almost stopped right there.

Do you have any idea how many people have written books about selling?

I think anybody who ever sold lemonade at a stand when they were a kid has a book in print. In fact, I own hundreds of books on selling and how to sell. Some are very good. (Some make great paperweights).

It makes no difference if you are a salesperson, are looking for a job in sales or a sales manager. There is something here for you.

look around.

If you find this information useful recommend it to a friend.

A Closing thought for YOU

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Mick at MasteringSelling

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