Ask the Right Way and Get Results

“It isn’t always what you say but the way you say it” should be second nature. Ask the right way and people will respond.

Don’t say “Because I said so..” use “I’ve found it’s easier to… why not try it and see.”

It’s not “Go get me...” try “I need some help, would you find… for me?”

Never “Stop that and do this…” how about “If you’re not busy would you…”

Forget “Get out there and sell something” and remember “Who can you and I follow up with ?”

Why ask “Have you called Mr. and Mrs. Jones?” when you can say “What did Mr. and Mrs. Jones say when you talked to them? Anybody else I can help you with?”

If your salespeople don’t view you as a help they will see you as a hindrance.

Your job is to get them moving in a positive manner.

Do you get results? Do you motivate people? These are questions you don't even have to ask. Your talent is obvious to the people who work for you. They look to you for guidance and leadership. YOUR boss believes in you, too. There is something in you that makes you a leader of people.

If you can swim in 3 feet of water you can swim in 300. The principle is the same, isn't it? What if you could do for thousands of people what you do for your salespeople every day? Think there's any money in that?

Of course there is. People just like you are sharing their sales management knowledge on the internet and making money.

Just by sharing something they already know.

The same kinds of things you know. How to train, how to lead, how to inspire. Just about anything to do with sales. The same things you do everyday. They've just figured out how to do it in front of a larger audience. The same one that is available to you on the world wide web.

I talk with Sales Managers like you all the time. They have tons of talent. They have loads of sales management tools they've collected just gathering dust somewhere. I always ask them the question I am going to ask you...

If people would pay to take that stuff off your hands would you let them ?

And here is the answer I get almost every time... Who would pay for that old pile of stuff? The correct answer is...

Hundreds of thousands of people.

They're looking for it right now. In their office or at their house. They are sitting in front of a computer looking for answers to problems. The same answers that are sitting on your bookshelf. Or in your desk drawer. Or in the trunk of your car.

I know you are like me. You are good at selling. You are good at sales management. What you may not be very good at is building a website. Well, I can assure neither was I. I was barely able to send email. But you're reading my old pile of information. And so are thousands of other people.

Every website you see was built by somebody. I built this one. I didn't know anything about programming, I already told you that. I had no idea where to start. So I looked on, guess where...the internet. I stumbled onto an easy to use program that lets you type in your information one block at a time. They do the hard stuff. I just wrote down what I know. As they say, "the rest is history."

I just took some spare time and turned my knowledge into a business and so can you. Its easy. Its simple.


By sharing your passion about something. Maybe its something not related to work. I saw, I swear to you, a website about cat urine odor. No joke. What do you do when you're not at work? Where do you like to vacation? What restaurants do you recommend? There are people making serious money telling the world about the things you just read. Want to find out how?

I thought you'd never ask.

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