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There are auto jobs available in dealerships that include positions other than those in sales. This page is focused on auto sales career positions, the qualifications needed for each and what jobs in the car business pay.

If you are looking for information about jobs in car dealerships other than sales please look here.

Auto Jobs for Salespeople

The first question I am usually asked is, "How are salespeople paid?"

Selling cars is a commission based sales career. Most dealerships pay a small 'guarantee' or by law minimum wage to inexperienced salespeople. The bulk of your paycheck is earned by selling and delivering vehicles.

For those with auto sales experience a dealership may increase the base pay, usually in the form of a draw against commission or offer a larger percentage of the gross profit per deal.

In either event pay plans for auto dealers include heavily incentivized elements that are designed to reward performance.

The two perspectives about a sales career in automobile sales are the one you as a salesperson hold and that of the dealership. Let's look at each.

Your Perspective

  • Who is hiring?

    All dealerships are in the market to hire good salespeople.

  • How do I apply?

    In person is always best. Before you print copies of your resume and drive from dealership to dealership let me save you some time. There are things you need to consider before you apply to any dealership. Do not apply on Monday morning, unless the dealership is running an ad stating to do so. Why? Because that is the morning dealerships hold management meetings. There will be no one, other than the receptionist, available to interview you. Do not apply on Saturday. It is the busiest day of the week in auto sales. You will get a cursory interview at best and more likely a request to come back another time.

  • What Should I wear?

    Well written employment ads, if you are responding to one, should indicate this. If not, common sense goes a long way. Business like attire. For men, a shirt and tie at the least. For ladies, appropriate business attire. You are applying for a job where customer impression is important...think before you dress.

  • Who Should I see?

    If answering an ad that should be listed. Before you go to a dealership unannounced to apply do yourself a favor. Call the dealership. Tell the operator you want to apply for a sales position and ask who you should see. Ask if that person is available. When you get them on the phone SELL THE INTERVIEW first.

    State your purpose. "Hi, my name is Bob Jones and I would like to interview for a sales position. I am calling your dealership because....(you sell the brand I like, I have seen your advertising, your dealership has a great reputation)and I want to be associated with a great dealership. When is a good time for me to meet with you?"

    Auto jobs in sales require great people skills. One of those skills is a favorable face to face impression. At this point you are a voice on the phone. Make an appointment so the interviewer can see you.

    The dealership perspective

    Auto jobs for Technicians

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