Chain Letter or Training Program?

Think about how a chain letter operates. The originator (in this case the person that started the training program you are currently using) told several of his friends, who in turn told several of their friends, who in turn told...well, you get the idea.

Most sales training programs operate on the same principle.

You rely on your sales management team to handle in-house training at the dealership level. The very same managers who sat in sales training meetings led by sales managers who sat in sales training meetings presented by folks who learned sales training from sitting in meetings of those presented by...


The person who started it all... but I think you see the point.

  • Do you really know what goes on in your sales meetings?
  • Do your managers have meetings simply because they think you expect them to do so?
  • When's the last time you sat in on a meeting given by one of your management team?

Your managers are busy people so let's not be too hard on them. They spend hours poring over auction reports, vehicle reconditioning is a constant struggle, they have new vehicle orders to input, they have to gather statistical data from the traffic logs...

You've been there, you understand.
There's simply no time to learn how to train effectively so they just use the same bad 'chain letter' technique they've always used.

The problem is it isn't fixing anything.

Stay On Target sales training from MasteringSelling teaches your managers to train, and how to train effectively.

Were you born knowing how to run a dealership? Of course you weren't and I know you didn't use the 'chain letter' method. You learned every nuance along the way.

Your managers are no different, they just need someone to give them the knowledge and skills to train effectively.

How do your managers train salespeople to overcome trade allowance objections? It should be this easy.

That's just one example of the powerful phrases and sales techniques your sales staff should be learning...but are they?

Subscribe to STAY ON TARGET training modules and never miss another opportunity to develop the best sales organization in your marketplace.

You don't leave your bottom line to guesswork and you shouldn't leave something as important as sales and management training there, either.

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Stop using the same chain letter hiring practices.


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