Sales is Freedom of Choice, Not Consequence

Sales is about choice. Which one? What color? How many? You ask your customers these questions. Which ones should you ask yourself? The ones that affect your income and your career.

Before you say "I always make the right choice" consider what the questions are.

  • Do I have a plan?
    Yes, you do. It either includes a well organized day that will produce results or it doesn't. That is your plan. If you choose not to plan...
    Here is the consequence
    ... You will continue to get more of the same. Do you like where you are right now? If you have a genuine interest in improving begin by having a plan. Not just a plan for the day, a plan for life. Write it down. Refer to it. Add to it. Change it if necessary.

  • Do I know my product?
    If you do not... Here is the consequence... Your presentation will be weak. Your customers will not see themselves using your product. There will be no emotion. Selling is about presenting your product with enthusiasm. Hard to be enthusiastic over something you know little about. Knowing "just enough" won't do it either. You will be like all the other salespeople your customer has spoken with. AVERAGE. Who wants to be average?

  • Am I just going through the motions?
    I make the number of sales calls my manager asks me to. I meet the minimum quota each month. I make enough to pay my bills. If this is the choice you make... Here is the consequence... You will never be better than you are right now.

  • Do I have an effective follow up plan?
    Are you in touch with your customers on a regular basis? Do your follow up efforts include something of value for you customers? Do you know how often you need to contact them? If not... Here is the consequence... Your hard work to get them as a customer will be lost. Think of the time you spent making them your's. Without a good follow up system they will go elsewhere because they will forget about you. Why not work smart instead of hard?

  • Do I really understand the psychology of selling?
    Sales is not about talking. You have two ears and one mouth, use them in the same proportion.

    Selling is about listening to your customer. It's being able to see things from their perspective. It is finding a solution to their problem. Do you sell this way? If not...Here is the consequence...poor results. Why? Because your customer will perceive that it's all about YOU and your needs. They will not see value, they will only see that you want to get their money. Get the facts and they will have no problem making the choice to buy from you.

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