Employment Ads

Whichever media you choose, employment ads should be written to attract your intended audience. Your copy will vary greatly if you are seeking experienced help as opposed to those with little or no automobile sales in their background.

Experienced salespeople respond to more directed and targeted copy. They want to know what about your program, dealership and working environment differ from their current employer. Here are some elements to include:

  • Pay Plan Information
    Those with experience and a following will consider a move for a larger commission split, larger bonuses, partial salary, etc. Is there something unique about your pay plan you should include?
  • Demo Program
  • Inventory Levels
  • Dealership Reputation

Include wording to alert a potential candidate you require a drug screen, valid driver's license and perform a background investigation. Why wait to weed out those who cannot meet your standards?

New Salespeople

You may be looking for a great salesperson who is either experienced in another field or seeking their first automobile sales job. Begin by spelling out what a candidate can expect in terms of earning potential, job growth and benefits. Make certain you include the following:
  • Who to Contact

  • Where to Apply

  • What to Bring

This bears repeating...people need to know you are a drug free workplace, require a valid driver's license and a thorough background check will be performed. Tell them up front and eliminate those who cannot meet your requirements.

Writing your employment ads


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