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My Mother always said to me,"NEVER LEAVE A ROOM EMPTY HANDED"

I didn't find until years later she wasn't talking about housekeeping. Here is what she meant...
find something of value from every situation and each relationship.

If MasteringSelling didn't give you what you were looking for, I'm sorry.

The comments I get from visitors like you help build these pages. This site is about sales and selling, so naturally I get lots of requests on how to sell things online. Or build a successful online business. I thought one way you wouldn't leave empty handed was to provide you links to places that let you do just that. I hope there is something worthwhile for you in the links below.

The list will continue to grow as I receive more requests, so check back often. Add us to your favorites or better yet, click on the add to Google, MSN or Yahoo button at the left and any new information I gather will come right to your homepage.

If you feel this site helpful, feel free to recommend it to a friend.

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