A Great Interview

starts with you

When you conduct a job interview don't forget it starts with you. You anticipate each applicant will come to the dealership prepared, dressed appropriately and ready to present their "A" game to you.

In turn, they deserve the same. A manager who knows how to prepare to ask the right questions of every job applicant will hire better, more qualified salespeople.

Focus on getting the information you need in order to make the right hiring decisions. Use Stay On Target training and find out the true cost of hiring the wrong person.

It is critically important to comply with your organization's Human Resources policies with regard to paperwork, testing and pre-employment screening. Do you know what they are?

Do you know what you can and cannot ask during a pre-employment screening?

Learn why you must write a great employment ad to attract the best candidates. You have to know the right techniques for getting the information you want in order to make the right hiring decision.

Do you know why it is vital you thank them for applying for the job? How do successful managers continually hire the best people? Do you know the secret to testing their passion?

Find the answers to those questions by adding this series of informative reports to your business library. Just let me know where to deliver them...

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From time to time step back and interview yourself.

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