Top 10 People Skills for Managers

People skills come more easily for some. Effective management of yours will increase the productivity of your team. Use these 10 to get the results you want.

1. BE PATIENT- In the heat of business we become so focused on results we fail to take time to gather important facts before we act. Making a decision without the facts is more dangerous than “paralysis by analysis”. If you have a problem that needs your attention fix it the right way

2. BE KIND- If employees make mistakes it’s easy to blast them with your emotions. Your emotional distress over the results is not your employee’s problem. When you respond in anger or intimidation at people you may feel better but you have just poured sand in the gearbox of your salesperson.

3. CELEBRATE THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF OTHERS- Let your employees know you value their achievement. Everyone wants recognition for a job well done. Do it outwardly. People want to be part of a successful team. They need to know their people skills are important and productive. They need to know if someone they work alongside can do it, so can they.

4. BOAST ABOUT YOUR TEAM- NOT YOURSELF- When your department has a great day, week or month realize it would not have been possible without them.

5. BE POLITE- Your mother taught you “Please” and “Thank You”; use them generously. In the sales profession sarcasm comes quite naturally and we often use it jokingly. The effect on your salespeople can be devastating. Getting results from your staff is not about how big you are; it is an exercise of great people skills. Be professional, be polite and do not confuse this with being a doormat.

6. BE CALM- In the midst of a pressure packed day dialogue can become heated. You are under no obligation to join in the fray. Take an emotional step back and use an objective and logical approach.

7. BE COOPERATIVE- When you don’t see the value of something dragging your feet or conveniently forgetting to do it are the actions of immaturity. If you have a genuine disagreement regarding something you are asked to do, discuss it professionally and with reason. Cooperate and work toward the goals you have set for your team.

8. BE OPTIMISTIC- Good leaders don’t say “this will never work” or “we have been asked to do the impossible.” They look for ways to make things work and they instill energy to insure the completion of the job.

9. BE PROACTIVE- Confucius said, “When you are thirsty is not the time to dig a well.” Plan ahead, know what is coming and do something positive about it. One of the common problems in business is reacting to results. Remember, you cannot change what has already occurred; you can change what will occur in the future.

10. BE FORWARD LOOKING- Evaluate the goals of your department and your company. Think about the beneficial impact on you and your people. Stop looking only at your next payday and make the conscious decision to become a disciple of those benefits and share them with your people during your next sales meeting.

Leadership is one of the vital people skills for managers.

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