Finding One is Easy...Being Successful is the Trick

Lets face facts. There are thousands of sales jobs available every day. The newspapers are full of them.Search the internet for jobs in sales. They're everywhere. Who wouldn't want to be a salesperson...the good ones make lots of money. They travel at company expense. They eat in fine restaurants and drive company cars. They dress for success. All they do is charm the socks off the customers, right?


Sales is a profession unlike any other. Incentive based pay plans demand performance. Performance requires training. With proper training a sales career is...


Over 100,000 jobs. Find the one that is right for you.

Then What's the Problem?

That's an easy one. Salespeople by their very nature are competitive personalities who are driven to succeed and want to be the best. They start everything with the best of intentions and a great outlook. Somewhere along the way they lose their motivation and focus. If this wasn't the case why are there so many job listings for salespeople? What happened to the one they are looking to replace?

What's the Answer

Professional sales training. ...or the lack of it. Your first day on a sales job usually goes something like this...THERE'S A DESK, THERE'S A PHONE, WATCH THESE TAPES, SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO. Maybe you've been there once or twice yourself. Without the right training and preparation your career in sales will be guesswork.

The fault lies with sales management. When salespeople don't succeed it is not because they wanted to fail. Who gets married thinking about divorce?

If you are currently a sales manager I have some information for you here.

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