Closing the Sale

Closing the sale is often confused with making a sale. They are two separate issues. When you ask your customer to buy you are, in essence, closing the sale. If they buy you have made the sale. If they do not buy a sale is also made. The difference is you have not secured the customer's business, they have sold you on the idea of not buying. It's as simple as that.

If you found this site because you wanted to know what to say in a closing situation you are at the right place. Most books and articles about selling fall short in this area. They recommend techniques to make a sale, how to stay organized, prospecting and telling salespeople to overcome objections.

What salespeople want and need are the words to say.

They want to know how to say them and when to say them. Yes, when is equally as important as how. On the job training is a wonderful teacher but the tuition will kill you. I have included a list of common situations where the time has come to ask for the business and word scripts for you to use. Remember that each of us have differing personalities. Take the scripts and adapt them so you will be comfortable closing the sale.

  • Before you ask your customer to buy and take delivery of their vehicle do a quick mental check of the objections raised during your presentation. Have you answered each of them?
  • Satisfy yourself you are showing them the right vehicle for their needs.
  • Are all the decision makers present?
If so, consider one more important point before you proceed. You cannot close if you never opened. If you are unsure at this point you will miss many opportunities. Salespeople spend too much time learning to close and not enough time developing skills such as proper fact finding, product knowledge and presentation. These are the skills that open the door to sales.

Time to begin. Most automobile salespeople consider closing to be the act of presenting the numbers from the desk and securing a commitment to buy now based on all terms and conditions being agreeable.
If your dealership uses a four-square presentation you have already discovered that customers will react to either Sales Price, Trade Allowance, Down Payment or Monthly Payment. The four-square technique is designed to do just that. Focus the customer on one of the numbers, that one being the most important to them.

Each of the items in the four-square are addressed on seperate pages. Click the link and find the answers.


Another common theme arises regarding dealer invoice on new vehicles. That is disussed here.

I always caution salespeople their job is much simpler at this point if they have done an oustanding job in each of the steps leading up to asking the customer for their business. Just click this link to find the steps to closing the sale.

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