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The desk manager in a retail automobile dealership is a key player. Because the car business is so management intensive nothing happens that you will not see, feel or touch. This page is about your responsibilities and duties. Before you pencil a deal your salespeople should know their responsibilites.

Let's get this out of the way right up front...

The sales desk must be manned at all times

Your job is a busy one and at times your duties require you to be other places. When you leave the desk make certain someone is there.

What qualities do you need to be a great desk manager?
  • Realize that nothing is more important than a car deal

    Not a phone call from a buddy, your wife or girlfriend. Lunch is not more important. If you do not create a sense of urgency about car deals how can your salespeople?

  • Don't forget where you came from
    It may not have been that long ago you were a salesperson. It is not an easy job. Respect what they do. They will respect you for it.

  • Stay in control
    Salespeople follow your lead. Act confident and assured. It will calm their nerves.

  • Knowledge is power
    An old saying in the car business but still true. Ask your salespeople the right questions. Get the information you need to structure the deal properly.

  • Use effective messaging when you pencil
    The customer needs to know you, not the salesperson, are in control of the deal.

  • Keep your pencil positive
    Use phrases that promote compromise...

    • “Let’s compromise” as opposed to “I can’t do that.”
    • “If you would help me just $____ this will work.” as opposed to “I need $________ more.”
    • “We’re not that far away from a deal” instead of “It’s only $____ more.”

    By using positive messages on your pencils you will receive an extra benefit. Your salespeople will learn the language of negotiation as well.

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    Desk manager isn't your only job


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