Salesperson Interview

Before you conduct any salesperson interview stop and think.
  • Salespeople are critical to the success of your dealership

  • They are the link between your customers and you

  • They are vital to the growth of your business and still most dealers and managers put little thought into this process. Before you place an employment ad or begin a hiring campaign have a game plan. Know why you are hiring and how to conduct the interview.

  • Why are you hiring ?
    To replace someone who quit or was terminated? What was the cause? This time hire the right people.

  • Conduct a proper interview
    Let's face it. You are a busy person. You have an important job at the dealership. Interviewing salespeople interrupts business. You just don't have time. These are the reasons you have to keep hiring or cannot hire the people you want. Why not conduct a great salesperson interview instead?

  • Read between the lines
    The sales candidate brought a great looking resume. Take time to look at it in detail before you interview. Look at the application they filled out. Attention to detail? Is the handwriting legible? These are indicators of personal self-worth.

  • How are they dressed?
    You are seeing what your customers will see. If they did not take time to dress appropriately what value do you think they place on the job?

  • Consider their perspective
    Don't forget how difficult a job interview can be. Think back about the interview you had for the job you now hold.

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Attracting the right people to interview

It is not how many people respond to your employment ad. It is the quality of the people who respond. A salesperson interview, done properly, will help you identify the right candidate and prevent hiring the wrong one.

Know who you are looking for before you begin a hiring campaign. Learn to write employment ads that target the people you want to attract.


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