Car Sales Training 

     In the car sales training business there are many ideas about what works best. These ideas are shared, over and over, in showrooms and training rooms at dealerships across the world.

     Many times those ideas come from your fellow salespeople who are not very successful at selling cars. They are simply repeating what they heard from a person who said it worked, never taking time to analyze not only the techniques themselves but accurately guaging their effectiveness.

     I don't know about you but I'm not sure I want to bet my paycheck on guesswork.


     Some look to their fellow salespeople. You know, the ones that have  'experience' or have 'been there a long time'. Not always but many times what they find is that person is more interested in telling you what's wrong with the management team, the advertising, the inventory, the finance get the picture. I'd almost guess you can see that person right now in your mind. So, what do you do?

     If you're like most salespeople in a dealership you look to your management team for effective training. By the way, if you are currently working for a dealership that does not believe in on-going training or training meetings I offer you this old gem...

On the job training is a good teacher but the tuition will kill you !

     Enough said about that. Let's move on and find out what does work instead of talking about what doesn't. I just mentioned most salespeople get their training from management. There are many great managers who were excellent salespeople. You are fortunate if you are working alongside one of them. To find out what really great managers should be about go here

     For those of you staying here to find out about training let's continue. What are the areas of car sales training you feel you need help with? Let's list some of them and give you links to find that particular help. 

     The list could go on and on since each of us have unique talents and abilities. By looking at the help pages above and identifying areas of needed improvement you will StayOnTarget.  

     If you are one of those excellent managers I mentioned who is searching for ways to improve your training sessions or sales meetings here is some helpful information for you.

Effective Sales Training Begins with YOU 

How to Conduct More Productive Sales Meetings



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